3 tips to optimize your results

You’ve launched your campaigns and your first leads are on the list of opportunities? Find out how to convert your leads into appointments in this article!

Make a call!

Our scoring algorithm allows you to quickly visualize the opportunities with the highest potential. You can, therefore, visualize in a few seconds the most interesting prospects.

If you haven’t yet had a positive response from them thanks to Oliver’s appointment request, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. If the opportunity has a high score, don’t wait to call the company and ask to speak with the person who has visited your website multiple times. With Oliver, 70% of our transformations are done via a call from a prospect with a high score!


If the prospect answers negatively, do not hesitate to answer this email via Oliver. A person who is not interested today may be your customer tomorrow, so it is imperative to create a personal relationship with this prospect and then plan a follow-up via Oliver.


If the prospection does not lead to an appointment or the lead is not converted into a customer during the appointment, never forget that the prospect’s opinion is not fixed in time. On Oliver, you can plan an automatic and personalized follow-up in time in one click. Again, this will save you some time and it will generate new customers in the future for sure!