Checklist : Create cold-email that open at +70%

Create cold-email that open at +70%

Are you building your next cold-email campaign ? Before your send your first sequence, make sure that your message crosses every checkbox in this list !

1. The mailbox that you use


☑️ I send my mails from a personal mailbox


Choose a address rather than a address. Transactional emails allow you to build a relationship with your prospect, so it would make perfect sense for the email to come from a person and not a generic corporate mailbox.

☑️ My email is linked to my website ( domain name )


An email address linked to your domain name will give you more credibility in the eyes of your prospects. Paid email addresses also allow you to avoid the restrictions that free accounts often encounter (, ).


2. The subject of your email


☑️ Would I open this email myself?


Your prospects receive dozens of prospecting emails every day. Do you think that with this subject line you will succeed in getting their attention?

☑️ Doesn’t the subject line sound too commercial?


The trick: imitate a message that would be sent to a colleague by describing in one word the scope of your email :  

Some examples: 

  • Making contact → “Intro”
  • Sending a brochure→ “Document”
  • Follow-up with a question → “Question”


☑️ Did I make sure to remove “spammy” keywords?


Make sure your email subject line ( and even your email in general) does not contain any such keywords, or risk having your emails redirected to spam. 

  • Best price
  • Lowest price
  • less than 50% off
  • special promotion
  • for only
  • Offer
  • Free
  • 100% free
  • free installation
  • free access
  • free sample
  • free trial
  • free investment
  • Gift

☑️ Is my email subject line consistent with my content?


This seems obvious and yet. Think about keeping a certain consistency between the subject line of your email and its content to avoid a feeling of disappointment in your prospect. 


3. The intro of your email


☑️ Does my email really stand out?


We all receive dozens of emails every day. So your catchphrase will help you make a difference. Bring value to your prospect from the very first sentence of your content.

☑️ Does the intro give the impression that I care about my prospect?


The goal of your intro: to show that you know your prospects’ challenges, his or her background. Try to segment your emails well so that your intro is not generic and directly appeals to one of your prospect’s key challenges.

☑️ Isn’t my intro too “salesy”?


4. The body of the message


☑️ Make sure your message checks all of these boxes: 

  • Do I write like I talk ( If so, that’s positive)?
  • Does my message make sense to my prospect?
  • Am I trying to create a conversation? An exchange?
  • Am I focusing on the benefits and not my offer?
  • Do I focus on one or two key points?
  • Is my email less than 4 sentences long?
  • Have I checked the grammar of my post?

5. The signature


☑️ Does my signature include contact information?


Don’t forget to add your phone number, a click-to-call link, or an appointment setting link so that an interested prospect can contact you directly.

☑️ Did I include a profile picture to gain the prospect’s trust?


By humanizing your relationship with the prospect you increase your chances of getting a response by +30%!


Congrats !

If your e-mail sequence actually ticks every box, it is definitely ready to be sent !