How do you target a campaign?

To optimize your campaign, it is necessary to take the time to complete the parameters that define your prospecting target:
Professional Activity: You can choose the industry or professional organizations you want.

Team Tips: You can perform a specific search among all categories in the search engine

Or simply search in the categories and sub-categories for the targets of your choice

Important to know: we use the categories that the companies themselves have filled in on Google Maps. Some companies can enter several categories (e.g. a printing company that registers three categories: Digital Printer, Promotional Products Supplier, Silk-screen Printer). If a contact appears, it means that the company in which he works has filled in at least the category you selected.

Region: you can choose which region/department you want to target.

Team Tips: To optimize your prospecting, think of choosing a large geographical area to maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Hierarchical level: you can choose the position of the person you are targeting thanks to their :

Hierarchical level: General management, Department management, Other members, Contacts (info@, contact@) …

Activity pole: Administration, Marketing, Purchase, Sales, HR, Legal

Company size: you can choose the company size you want to target between 0 to 10 employees (IPT), between 10 and 200 employees (SME) and more than 200 employees (large companies).

Our list may seem large, but it is important to take the time to choose your prospecting radius. This is the most important parameter to optimize your use of Oliver.