How to transfer Oliverlist opportunities to a CRM via Zapier ?

Do you use a CRM?

Here are the steps to follow to automatically transfer the sales opportunities generated by Oliver to your CRM.

In this article, we will take the example of connecting to the Pipedrive CRM.

  • Search for Oliver’s Zap
  • Choose the “My Opportunities” trigger and click on “Continue”.
  • Log in to your Oliver account and click on “Continue”.
  • Take the test and click on “Continue”.
  • Search your CRM and select it
  • Choose the action “Create a deal”. It can have another name on another CRM.
  • Login to your CRM account and click on “Continue”.
  • Choose in which fields on your CRM the information from Oliver will be imported and click on “Continue”.
  • Test and click “Continue”.
  • Click on “Turn on zap”.
  • Oliver and your CRM are now connected. You can do the same with your contacts via the trigger “My contacts”.

Oliver is compatible with your tools