How to write a cold e-mail that performs ?

Only one watchword: The prospection email must be punchy!

The reason is simple: A B2B professional who does not know your structure will not linger on a detailed presentation of your offers, especially if he did not request the contact.

Therefore, your first e-mail must be clear and concise, with a single objective: to generate interactions with the decision-maker who opens your e-mail (e.g. opening the link, reply, call…).

Here are several examples of proposals:

  • We offer to B2B companies to automate commercial prospection thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • We offer a remote maintenance solution on connected glasses that allows you to guide your field teams remotely at any time.
  • We offer the rental of professional photo and video studios, fully equipped.


By limiting itself to one sentence, the proposal allows the prospect to immediately understand the subject of your email and encourages him to discover the details of your offers on your site.

When the prospect accesses your site, a new business opportunity is generated for you on Oliver.

For your part, you only have to focus on the telephone prospection over prospects who are already showing interest in your offers!