Manage your list of opportunities like a PRO!

Knowing how to manage your list of opportunities is a very important step in order to optimize the time spent prospecting via Oliver.

Here are my tips and the order of my daily actions in my own use of the tool:

Step 1: Access the “to do” list


As you may already know, opportunities are created by Oliver when:

  • An email opening is detected
  • A visit to your website is tracked
  • A non-automatic response (except for anti-spam emails) is detected
  • Tasks are actions automatically configured by Oliver when a manual action is required from you.


Step 2: Open opportunities and process tasks


When you open an opportunity’s file, you will have access to all the information Oliver knows about the company in question.

After consulting this information, we recommend that you directly process the tasks recommended by the tool, which will be on the left of your screen (see screenshot below)

The recommended tasks are the following:

  • Make a call: is recommended by the tool when a prospect has visited your website several times or has spent some time on it.
  • Reply to the email: when you have received a manual reply from a prospect
  • Spam email check: when Oliver detects that a spam filter is used by the prospect, Oliver automatically creates a task with the clickable link to unblock this filter. Once this is clicked, your e-mail will be received by the recipient!


Step 3: Other actions to perform from the opportunity


As you may already know, when Oliver detects a manual response from a prospect, the planned follow-ups are cancelled and the opportunity goes into Oliver OFF status. It’s up to you to finalize an appointment or to schedule a follow-up.

1) I respond to the manual responses I receive, whether they are positive or negative. If possible, thank the prospect for responding to you.


2. If the prospect’s response is negative but I don’t perceive that they are totally closed to collaborating with me in the future, I schedule an automatic follow up.


3. If the prospect’s response is negative and I don’t think the opportunity is worthwhile or I don’t want to continue prospecting that company, I don’t schedule a follow-up. However, I don’t forget to assign a tag that allows me to distinguish that this opportunity is no longer to be treated in the future (e.g.: “do not contact”, “bad contact”, “not interesting”, etc.)

4. If the prospect’s response is positive, I don’t plan a follow-up and I organize a meeting. I don’t forget to assign a Tag to the opportunity to distinguish that it is in the process of being transformed (e.g.: “RDV”, “Waiting for an answer”, “Transformed”, etc)

IMPORTANT: according to our statistics, out of 100 prospects transformed into customers, 70 had shown interest without having responded by email. In other words, just because the prospect doesn’t respond doesn’t mean that he is not interested. So we encourage you to spend a few hours a day processing your opportunities in Oliver ON status.

Finally, if you get an appointment by contacting the prospect directly by phone, don’t forget to turn Oliver OFF, to cancel automatic follow-ups.