Opportunities on Oliver: How to use them?

Your first Oliver campaigns are launched and the list of prospects gradually grows. Congratulations! 😀

Today, the Oliver team explains how to use the list of opportunities in order to obtain a maximum of qualified appointments.

How does the opportunity list work?


A prospect appears on the opportunity list if :

  • He has assessed your website thanks to a prospecting email sent by Oliver.
  • He replied to one of Oliver’s e-mails


Prospects appearing on the opportunity list are therefore those who show interest in your products.

What does the score correspond to?

Oliver assigns a score to each of your prospects so that you can optimize your time management

The score is calculated according to several parameters:

  • The number of visits to the website by your prospect from a campaign.
  • The time your prospect spent on your site
  • The number of tabs visited by your prospect


In other words, the higher the score, the closer your prospects are to be converted. Remember to focus your prospection on the most qualified prospects.


How can I optimize my use of opportunities?


Step 1: Prioritize your tasks

Once your campaigns are launched, you have daily access to the list of prospects showing interest in your products. Use Oliver’s ranking to prioritize your tasks and contact the most interested prospects!


Step 2: Call your prospects

You may be surprised by the impact a call will have on a prospect who has seen your offers during the day.

By focusing your calls on the highest scoring prospects, you maximize your chances of getting an appointment, while limiting your acquisition costs.