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With approximately 12,000 law companies in France, the legal profession is one of the most well-represented.

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We have thousands of verified contacts in the legal area on Oliverlist. But first and foremost, it is critical to understand the market’s structure, including the professions represented, the most heavily represented regions, the size of the business, as well as their online reputation and level of digitization.

Our company information is particularly up-to-date because it comes directly from Google Maps and Google My Business, two programs that are linked to one another.

Indeed, you get free access to geolocalized information on Google Maps, including millions of businesses that have registered for a Google My Business account.

Today, a company’s Google My Business account is frequently the first point of entry to its website. Positive customer ratings and up-to-date information are becoming more than a must.

Distribution by profession

The law firms sector is known to have an impressive amount of specialties. However, on Google Maps, 73% name themselves only as “Lawyer” and 14% as “Law Firm”. This evokes a particularity in this sector: lawyers work in law firms and are often associated with other lawyers who practice a different specialty from theirs.

For the rest, almost 12% are specialized cabins.

Distribution by region

Regarding the geographical criteria, the Ile-de-France region necessarily concentrates the vast majority of law firms with nearly 36%.

Logically, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (11%) and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (11%) regions follow. Together, these three regions account for nearly 60% of law firms in France.

Company size

Given the large number of legal firms in France and their accessibility to the general public, it is understandable that more than 95 percent of them employ less than ten people.

Medium-sized companies, i.e. with a workforce of between 10 and 50 people, represent nearly 4% of law firms in France.

The rest account for less than 1% of the market for legal firms in France.

Google Reviews

Consumer or customer reviews and comments on Google are a good measure of a company’s level of digitalization in a certain location. Even while this index is primarily used by consumers and potential customers to gauge the quality of services supplied by a firm, it is also a useful measure of the level of awareness of the influence of digits.

Nearly 40% of law companies in France do not have any Google reviews or ratings! This may appear unbelievable, yet it is true. It implies that they are unconcerned about Google reviews. Indeed, lawyers rely heavily on the network, and their clients place a low value on user ratings.

Nearly 52% of respondents give themselves a good grade of 4 or 5. Despite appearances, this does not automatically imply that 52 percent of law firms are “Good” firms. It mostly reflects the fact that nearly half of real estate professionals are concerned about their online reputation.

Finally, roughly 8% of law firms with a score of 1 to 3 are poor performers who do not care about their internet reputation.


Many conclusions can be drawn about the French law firms sector. However, we can observe a general trend. Law firms in France are numerous, they are naturally located close to the inhabitants and therefore in the most populated regions. They are often small and pay little attention to people’s opinions on the Internet.

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