Build and automate your prospection

Oliverlist gives you the tools you need to send the right message at the right time, at the right speed and on the right scale.

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Personalize emails at scale

With personalization variables, you can tailor your emails for each recipient, and give every prospects the attention they deserve.
Personalization variables

Insert dynamic texts in the subject or the text of your emails. For example the name, first name or position of your prospect

Default values

Assign a default value for each variable

Create custom variables

Create new custom variables for even more contextualization

Automate your follow-up

Send automated and personalized follow-ups and get more replies
Create your own sequence

Create as many steps as you want and manage the time between each step yourself

Take advantage of Oliverlist's intervention

Oliverlist detects if your prospects are responding manually and automatically stops sending

Easy follow-up

Re-engage your prospects in 1 click at the stage of your sequence that best fits

Get your emails into the main inbox

Increase the deliverability of your emails and get more than 70% of your emails opened
Sending from your email provider

Oliverlist sends your emails one by one directly from your email provider, just like a human would

Smart Sending

Oliverlist never contacts everyone in a company at the same time to avoid inbound server blockages

Smart Detection

Oliverlist detects bounces or people who have left their jobs and never uses these emails again in the future

You don't have the internal resources to make the most of Oliverlist?

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