FAQ - How Oliverlist works

Find answers to our users' most frequently asked questions


You want to change your password?

We indicate you the procedure to follow below:

  • Go to your account settings
  • Go to the “Account” section (displayed by default)
  • Go to the “Change Password” tab

Once the change is made, remember to confirm your new password.

Nylas.com is our partner in securely synchronizing your email with Oliverlist.


Nylas is a unified communication platform that allows developers to connect to all email, calendar and contact providers.


Nylas’ universal APIs are secure and reliable. With pre-built security and compliance features and 99.99% guaranteed uptime, Nylas eliminates the complexity of building and maintaining direct integrations with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange and everything else.

Oliverlist is available in several languages! You want to use the application in English or Spanish? Here’s a guide on how to change the language of your account.

  • Go to your account settings
  • Go to the “Account” section
  • Change your language in the section dedicated to this purpose

You want to personalize your account with a profile picture? This photo can then be used on the contact Pop’Up for a more personal approach to your prospects.

To add a new payment method to your account

  • Go to your account settings
  • Go to the “Account” section (displayed by default)
  • Simply add a profile photo by clicking on “Upload Photo
  • Update your profile picture by clicking on “Save
  • Save the change to your account settings

Your new profile picture is updated. You will then see it appear directly on the bottom left of your screen!


Oliverlist quantifies your prospect’s interest with the “Traffic Tracking” option.

Based on the actions and time spent by your prospect on your site, following a redirection from an automated email, Oliverlist is able to evaluate the level of interest that the prospect has for your offer represented by your website.

The score varies according to several criteria:

  • The time spent on the site
  • The number of pages visited
  • The number of customer sessions on the site
  • The time interval between two sessions
  • The type of pages visited

A session is an interval of 5 minutes during which the customer can enter your site several times.

The higher the score, the more interested the customer will be. You should therefore prioritize the treatment of commercial opportunities with a high score. All you have to do is contact the people concerned and increase your sales.

A “Session” means that the prospect concerned has visited your website, following a redirection that originates from an e-mail sent by Oliverlist. This is an interval of time during which the prospect is browsing the website you have specified in your campaign. This allows you to know if the customer is interested in your offer.


To quantify this interest, Oliverlist allows you to follow precisely which pages of your site the prospect visits and how long he stays. To enable this, simply edit your campaign and enable the option in “Step 5: Tracking” the “Traffic Tracking” section and embed the tracking code into your website.

An opportunity can have two statuses:

  • Oliver On: Oliver continues to prospect and will continue to follow up with the prospect. This is the default status assigned to each opportunity.
  • Oliver Off: Oliver stops prospecting to give you control. You can change the status of an opportunity by going to the opportunity’s record and selecting “Turn Oliver Off”.

Deactivate Oliver from an opportunity’s record 👇

Have you received an e-mail from MailInBlack following the launch of a campaign? What does it correspond to? How can you deal with it?


In this article, you will discover what MailInBlack is and how to get past this barrier.


What is Mail In Black?

MailInBlack is an e-mail filtering solution dedicated to B2B.

When you make contact for the first time with a decision-maker using this solution, Mail In Black sends you an e-mail in order to confirm that you are indeed a human being. After verification, your email is forwarded to your recipient.


How to process Mail In Black?
Nothing could be easier! When you receive an e-mail from MailInBlack, all you have to do is click on “I am not a robot”, then follow the steps presented in the e-mail.


Once this is done, your e-mail will reach your recipient! Congratulations 😃


I have launched my campaign but my e-mails are not sent. What should I do?

Don’t panic! Here is some information on this subject:

  • If you launch a campaign, the first emails will be sent the next day: This allows the campaign to be validated by the team and to guarantee its compliance with the general conditions of use of the tool.
  • It’s after 9am and no email has been sent? As you may already know, Oliverlist automatically adapts the sending of your emails to the times when they are most read! The emails will therefore not necessarily start at 9am, but may be later in the day, at the most opportune moment detected by Oliverlist.
  • Have you checked the selection of sending days in your campaign? In the “Sending” step of your campaign configuration, you may have told the tool to send your campaign only on specific days. For example, if you launched your campaign on a Monday and you want your campaign to start on Tuesday, remember to include Tuesday in your sending days!

If after reading this short article, you still have doubts about the launch of your campaign, do not hesitate to write us a short message in the chat! We will always be happy to help you!

The follow-up stage is the stage of the campaign at which the prospect will start the sequence again if you manually follow-up from the opportunity form.


Indeed, when you launch your campaign, Oliverlist will automatically deactivate itself when you receive a manual response from the prospect. However, if you wish, you can automatically follow up with the prospect from his opportunity sheet. The message defined in the follow-up step will be sent!


What is the follow-up step in my campaign?
The reminder step in your campaign is indicated by a green dot to the left of the step name

How do I edit the reminder step?
To edit the dunning step :

  • Choose a step other than the current dunning step
  • Click on the “Select the dunning step” button located below the email in question

List of your campaigns



In this view, you can see from left to right :


  • The status of your campaign: your campaign is in “Pending” status when you have not yet scheduled a start date for it. Please note that the validation of your campaign is also subject to verification by our team. The launch may be delayed if we feel we need to check some points with you. Your campaign takes the status “Active” the day the first prospecting emails are sent. Finally, your campaign has the status “Stopped” when you have decided to stop it.
  • The column “Campaign”: informs you about the name you have given to your campaign.
  • The “Website” column: informs you about the URL that will be used to promote your services or products in your campaign.
  • The “Available contacts” column: informs you about the progress of your campaign and the quantity of new contacts available to be engaged in your campaign.
  • The column “New contacts / Days”: informs you about the number of new contacts that will receive your emails each day in addition to the automatic reminders.
  • The “Sent” column: informs you about the number of emails that have been sent as part of the campaign, including the follow-up emails.
  • The “Sessions” column: informs you about the number of sessions that have been carried out since the emails were sent in the prospecting sequence of your campaign.
  • The “Responses” column informs you about the quantity of responses recorded by the application in the context of your campaign.
  • The “Leads” column informs you about the users in your company who can view the campaign and the opportunities generated by it.




In this first part of the “Statistics” section related to your campaign, you can view the total number of companies and people contacted as well as the results over a defined time period. You can edit this time frame by using the filter. The graph shows the results per day.



Mailings > Next Mailings

In the “Next Shipments” section, you can view the shipments that will be made by Oliver during the day for the selected campaign.


In the section “Last mailings”, you can see the last people who have been contacted by Oliver in the selected campaign.



Summary of “My Campaign


This section summarizes the essential aspects of your campaign such as the status of each stage of your campaign, the “new contacts available” at a given moment, but also a summary of the different messages that make up the prospecting sequence that you have configured in your campaign. If you wish to modify your campaign, nothing could be easier, click on “Modify the campaign”.



Modify my campaign


In this section you can easily edit the parameters, the target, the message and the follow-up options. Be careful, this will imply changes on the results. The analysis of your results will therefore be more complicated to understand.


On Oliverlist, you now have the possibility to select the sending days of your campaign.


You will have access to this parameter in the “Sending parameters” step of your campaign creation.



Please note that once your campaign has been registered, it will be sent out the next morning around 9:00 am (after validation by our teams).

The categories of the companies present on Oliverlist come from the Google My Business page on Google Maps. Each category is therefore filled in by the company itself.


Therefore, some companies have an activity that can include several trades.

We constantly update our databases to ensure the best possible user experience. However, although it is unlikely, it is possible that a person may change jobs or leave their job in between contact updates.


Therefore, it may happen that an email sent by Oliverlist is no longer in use and you receive a “Mail Delivery Subsystem”, “Mail Delivery Failure” notification.


In this case, this is how we handle it in Oliver:

  • The email will be automatically deleted from our databases
  • The contact will not appear in your contacts
  • This action will be removed from your campaign statistics

For those who have a website under Wix, here are the steps to follow to integrate the tracking code that you must integrate into your site if you want us to send you the traffic made by your prospects through an Oliverlist prospecting campaign.


Step 1: Retrieve the tracking code
To do this, click on your campaign, then on Edit > Tracking and copy the tracking code that is located in the yellow box.



Step 2: Add your tracking code on Wix

  1. Go to the Dashboard Settings of your Wix site.
  2. Click on Tracking and Analytics under Advanced Settings.
  3. Click + New Tool and choose from the Custom drop-down list.
  4. Set your code:
  • Enter your code.
  • Choose the corresponding domain.
    Note: This option will only appear if you have multiple domains. Choose a name for your code.
  • Place the code in: Choose where the code snippet should be placed in your site’s code at the following location: “Body – end”.

5. Click on Apply.

For those who have a WordPress website, here are the steps to follow to integrate the tracking code that you need to integrate into your site if you want us to send you the traffic made by your prospects through an Oliverlist prospecting campaign.


Step 1: Retrieve the tracking code
To do this, click on your campaign, then on Edit > Tracking and copy the tracking code that is located in the yellow box.



Step 2: Add your tracking code to WordPress


  • Log into your site’s WordPress back office.
  • Go to Appearance > Widgets
  • Select the Custom HTML Widget and place it in the Footer
  • Finally, paste the Oliverlist tracking code and save

When using Oliverlist, you develop your target when creating a campaign. If you don’t have qualified and verified contacts to import into the application, you can use verified contacts from the Oliverlist database.


Once unlocked, the contact belongs to you, and you can reuse them endlessly in your campaigns on Oliverlist.


There are 4 levels of decision-making capacity:

  • General management ++++
  • Other management +++
  • assistants ++
  • Generic emails ++.


The emails we keep in our databases are automatically classified in a level of decision capacity through very precise rules.


General management ++++ :


When we link an email to a person with a Linkedin account and we have a set of keywords that match the “General Management” hierarchy level.


When we link an email using a non-business email provider (e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc.) to a company and no one is linked to that company on Linkedin or otherwise, that contact is placed at the “General Management” level. We find a lot of this case for VSEs, which do not necessarily use professional emails.


When we find that an email belongs to a person that we could not link to a Linkedin profile but we know that this person belongs to a very small company, this contact is placed at the “General Management” level.


“Other Management” level +++:


When we link an email to a person with a Linkedin account and we know that their current position has a set of keywords that match the “Executive” or “Management” hierarchy level, this contact is placed at the “Executive” level.


Employees ++:


When we link an email to a person with a Linkedin account and their current position has a set of keywords that match the “Employee” hierarchy level, that contact is placed at the “Employee” level.


Assistants ++:


When we link an email to a person with a Linkedin account and their current position has a series of keywords that match the “Assistant” hierarchy level, that contact is placed at the “Assistant” level.


Generic Emails +:


When we detect that a business email does not belong to a person, that contact is placed at the “Generic Emails” level.

In the first step of creating a campaign, we ask you to fill on the Website to promote.


Oliverlist has a simple operation: we promote your products or services through your website on which it is possible to view your offer. This allows us to track the prospect’s browsing path on this website and to transmit it to you (if you have chosen the tracking option and inserted the tracking code to your site).


The Website to promote corresponds to the site to which we will redirect the prospect in the prospecting sequence of a campaign. This URL is therefore very important.

You want to exclude a company or a contact from your campaign? We show you how to do it:


You want to stop contacting a company involved in a campaign?


This article is for you!

How do I exclude a specific contact from my campaign?

Click on the campaign in question and go to Edit > Target.


Two possibilities:

  • Either the contact has already been contacted in this campaign. In this case, go to Committed Contacts, select the contact(s) in question and click on the Disengage Campaign Selection button.


  • Or the contact has not yet been contacted in this campaign. In this case, go to Pending Contacts, select the contact(s) in question and click on the Remove Selection from Campaign button.



A prospect asks me to stop contacting him, how do I remove him from the sequences?

In accordance with the GDPR, Oliver allows you to stop all contact with a prospect who expresses his refusal to communicate with you. To do this, simply use the “Unsubscribe from this campaign” button if you no longer want Oliver to contact this person in the campaign in which he is.


Click “Unsubscribe from this campaign and do not contact in the future” if you do not want this particular contact to be contacted in any future campaign.


A prospect who is not interested at a given moment may change his mind over time.


That’s why it’s so important to follow up with a prospect.


Oliverlist automatically re-launches prospects engaged in a campaign when the sales opportunity has the Oliverlist ON status.


Follow-up periods are spaced two to three months apart and last approximately one week. In each callback period, prospects can be contacted up to two times.


As long as the prospects in an opportunity have not responded to the emails sent automatically by Oliver, the opportunity remains in Oliver ON status. Conversely, the opportunity is set to Oliver OFF status as soon as Oliverlist detects a response from one of the prospects in the opportunity.


At this point, all scheduled automatic follow-ups for the prospects in the sales opportunity are cancelled. It is also possible to switch an opportunity to Oliver OFF status manually by clicking on “Deactivate Oliver”.


Please note that when an opportunity is set to Oliver OFF status, it is up to you to manually schedule a callback by clicking on “Schedule a Callback”.

A tracking code is a small piece of code that is usually implemented as JavaScript in the source code of a website.


These lines of code allow us to analyze the path of visitors to your website arriving via your Oliver campaigns. We therefore ask that you embed the tracking code into the websites used as landing pages for your campaigns.


The tracking code takes the following form:


( /!This code is an example, the tracking code is personal and can be found in your campaign settings)


How do I find my tracking code?


  • Go to your Oliver campaign
  • Go to the “Edit Campaign” tab
  • Go to step 5: “Tracking” in your campaign


Your tracking code can be found at the bottom of the page in the yellow box.


How to integrate the tracking code?

To integrate the tracking code on your website,

  • If you use WordPress, read the FAQ section that explains how to do it.
  • If you use Wix, read the FAQ section that explains how to do it.
  • If you do not use one of these tools, simply copy/paste this small piece of code below the section of your site.

Want to find your bill? Here’s how to do it 😉


To find and download your invoice:

  • Go to your account settings
  • Go to the “Billing” section
  • Go to the “Transactions” section.


This will take you to the list of issued invoices.

User license:


The license is billed monthly or annually on your subscription anniversary date.


How do I access my billing settings?


Access your account settings by clicking on your name/photo at the bottom left of your screen in the blue sidebar, then selecting “Settings”

Go to the “Billing” tab, located at the top left of your screen, on the gray horizontal bar

You now have access to your account billing summary.


Where can I find my invoices?


All invoices are available in the “Invoices” tab of the “Settings” section.


You can also consult the details of the transactions in the section provided for this purpose: “Transactions”.


How do I add a payment method?


To activate your Oliverlist account, it is necessary to add a payment method to the account.


To do so:

  • Go to your billing settings
  • Go to the “Settings” section
  • Fill in the billing details
  • A new tab entitled “Payment Methods” will appear
  • Fill in your banking information in the dedicated section

To add a new payment method to your account

  • Go to your account settings
  • Go to the “Billing” section
  • Go to the “Payment Methods” section
  • Then, “Add a payment method”
  • And finally, “Add a credit card”


Oliverlist works in partnership with Ingenico, the global leader in the online payment market to secure all of your payments. Once you have entered your bank details, you will be redirected to your bank’s website to verify the information you have provided.

To use the Oliverlist application, we suggest you add a credit card to your payment methods in the “Billing” section.


You will find this section in your settings.

To find your spending details:

  • Go to your account settings
  • Go to the “Billing” section
  • Go to the “Transactions” section
  • This will take you to the list of invoices issued.

In the case of a complaint, do not hesitate to send us your message with the subject of the complaint, your user name and the campaign concerned directly via the chat or to the following address:




Our team will respond as soon as possible to answer your questions!


Don’t forget, you can also reach us by chat!