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Import & enrich LinkedIn profiles in bulk

Import unlimited LinkedIn profiles into your Oliverlist account and get their company, phone, verified emails, and much more information.
Import & enrich from Linkedin or Sales Navigator Searchs

Import & enrich LinkedIn event participants

Import & enrich the members of a LinkedIn Group

Import & enrich profiles that liked a post on LinkedIn

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Import and enrich local businesses anywhere in the world. Find their verified contact email and the email of the owner, manager or other in bulk.
Verified Emails

Oliverlist uses a 5-step email verification process that is the most accurate in the industry: domain analysis, real-time verification.

Phone numbers

Access the phone numbers of the businesses you target and get more appointments.

Accuracy guaranteed

Our data is updated every three months. Invalid emails are not charged.

Unlimited research

Search for contacts without limits anywhere in the world.

Import your contacts from your computer

Do you have your own database? No problem, you can import your contacts on Oliverlist in a few clicks.
Unlimited imports

Depending on your package, you can import as many contacts as you want.

Custom Fields

If some fields are not part of the default import, you can create custom columns during the import and use them in the variables of your sequences.

Automatic cleaning

We detect emails that no longer work and we clean your database.

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