Appointment Setting For Fast Growing B2B Companies

No more hoping that your cold calling will work and no more worrying about building, training, and managing a sales development team. Our dedicated sales development reps will make sure you receive the best candidates possible when you need it most.

Why should you outsource your business development?

You don’t have to ask yourself if our methodology works. Thousands of companies use Oliverlist to automate their email outreach strategy. If you don’t want to invest in creating a sales team that can make the most of Oliverlist’s capabilities, choose to outsource your sales development and partner with us. Here you have three simple reasons to go for it.

Grow right now !

If you are on this page, you know that time is money. Using our business development services guarantees you appointments that will turn into sales next week.


Save risks & money

If you don’t have a team of efficient business developers who are well versed in new automation technologies, you will have to invest in human resources, tools, training and wait an average of 120 days before the team is at full capacity. Outsourced sales eliminates that problem.


Get more appointments on-demand

You start to grow more than expected and need more? Just tell your provider, and they’ll make it happen. You have another highly trained SDR working for you, you’ll only pay for more appointments.

Fill in your sales reps' calendars automatically

Take the guesswork out of sales: Working with a sales development team that has assisted more than 100 firms in increasing their top-line income and focuses exclusively on cold outreach to your ideal prospects makes life easier for both your sales force and your company.

We've Set +400 000 B2B Business Opportunities

Why did they outsourced their Sales Development?

Building An Internal Sales Development Team Is Expensive, Time-Consuming, And Risky



The average "all-in" cost to hire a sales development rep.



The average time to train a sales development rep.



The percent of internal SDR teams that don't hit quota.


In an industry crowded with mediocre or even deceitful processes, we’re proud of our unique approach to outsourced sales development:

  1. We developed our own technology. Not only have we built the best A/B testing platform in the industry, but we also developed integrations with every major CRM so you can have all of your data in one place.
  2. We supply you with a full team of US-based sales development experts, not just a single rep. We broke down all of the aspects of an SDR (Sales Development Rep) to create and master specialized roles and processes to optimize the output of our lead generation services. When you hire Oliverlist Agency, you are not only getting dedicated reps here in the US, but also the power and knowledge of our entire team.
  3. Our contracts are month-to-month and we allow you to pilot us with zero risk during our free onboarding. We’ll build out a full custom-tailored sales development strategy for your business during onboarding and get you introduced to your team before you make any final commitments to ensure you feel like Oliverlist Agency is the right partner for your outsourced sales development needs. Once you give us approval, our contracts are month-to-month rather than locking you into long-term contracts like most companies in our space.

Yes! There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. We have built out proven processes and technology that will feed your sales team qualified leads, so all they need to do is hold meetings and close the deals. We work very well with existing teams and also frequently work side-by-side with internal lead generation teams, by assisting with list building, optimization, email domain management, and goal tracking. Please note that we do not hold the meetings that we set, we only set the meetings, you still need a salesperson or sales team to hold the meetings and close the leads that we bring in with our outbound lead generation tactics.

Relying on referrals or inbounds is a risky move that can leave you with all of your eggs in one basket. Lead generation is a very difficult and very necessary aspect of any successful sales organization to ensure that you have multiple channels, both inbound and outbound, generating leads for your sales team. We feed sales meetings to our clients’ sales team using outbound lead generation channels (Email Marketing, LinkedIn Outreach, Direct Mail, and Cold Calling). Businesses cannot rely on the prospect to find them online, particularly when companies are in a crowded market or are new to the market and do not have a dominant online presence. This strategic approach keeps a steady stream of leads moving from multiple channels and is why outbound lead generation is so important for growing B2B companies. It is also a key aspect of growing brand recognition and awareness in new markets. While we fully believe inbound marketing is highly important, we strictly focus on outbound marketing because it’s what we’re experts at and don’t pretend to be experts at anything else just to check off the boxes.

Oliverlist Agency uses its own custom-built CRM and sales outreach platform for all email marketing, LinkedIn, reporting, and booked meeting tracking. One of the most exciting features of the platform is our multi-variate testing, which makes it simply the best A/B testing platform on the planet. It uses variables for every aspect of the email (subject, greeting, opener, call-to-action (CTA), closer, and any other custom variable you may need) to dynamically test thousands of email variations to optimize for the perfect email messaging. This messaging can then be translated across other channels to optimize LinkedIn and cold calling scripts as well. Our AI for variable testing can also automatically turn off low performing variables to help optimize campaigns and improve results in less time. Additionally, all Oliverlist Agency clients receive a login to our platform to track goals, meetings, contacts, and all sales outreach activity. You can also sync data with your CRM to track Oliverlist Agency outreach inside your internal Salesforce environment or any other CRM using our Zapier connection.

Channel effectiveness is highly dependant on the industry. We always recommend starting with every channel to figure out which channel is the most effective, and because it increases overall reach. Some prospects prefer to be contacted on specific channels or will be more responsive on a channel, and some contact data can only be found on specific channels, thus it is best to be on every channel. But, once you figure out what channels work best for your company’s sales outreach, then it is important to double or triple down on the best channel. Also, it is possible to simply maximize every channel to see the absolute best results, so while some channels may not be as cost-efficient you are still setting as many meetings as possible. Regarding cold calling, it can be good to start with 2 full or part-time callers as one may be less effective than the other. In order to get your true channel effectiveness for cold calling, it is best to have multiple cold callers. Similarly, it is important to optimize messaging before determining the overall channel effectiveness. It is also important to keep in mind that the most effective messaging can differ by channel, thus just because a script is working well for cold calling doesn’t mean that the same script dynamic will be the most effective script for LinkedIn or cold email/email marketing and visa versa.

When you work with Oliverlist Agency you get assigned a complete B2B Lead Generation Team at your service. First, you will be assigned a Sales Strategist that will meet with you weekly, build the entire strategy and documentation, create custom lists for your target market and target contacts, and set up A/B testing using our revolutionary variable testing AI. Then you will be assigned a Responder who responds to all the responses of the campaigns, schedules and reschedules sales meetings, handles all objections, and logs activity and meetings in the platform. Next, you will be assigned cold callers (telemarketers) to contact your top prospects in a systematic process using a power dialer and working with the Responder to set sales meetings and following up with potential meetings. While all of this is happening, you will be getting the full force of our industry-leading operations team that sets up and monitors your email domains to ensure deliverability, tracks open rates and monitors open tracking links, and ensures all campaigns are running smoothly and effectively.

Given the amount of energy, money, and headache that it takes to build a solid SDR team from scratch (with no promise it will ever work) many people find it makes far more sense to outsource this function, especially if outbound hasn’t even been proven as an effective channel to their business. In a survey conducted in early 2020 of several hundred VP’s of Sales/Marketing, 83% of internal sales development / SDR teams were found to not be hitting quota. When you factor in the average cost of a single SDR is over $75k annually and requires an average of 3 months to ramp, it’s hard to argue the benefits of outsourcing part or all of this function to a team of lead generation experts for B2B companies that can produce better results in less time and for less money. Our company consists of dedicated experts that specialize in every aspect of email marketing, sales development, and email operations. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just make it spin faster!

A B2B lead generation agency augments your team and performs sales prospecting, lead nurturing, and lead qualification. A top B2B lead generation agency can also grow your outbound leads, scale your efforts quickly and efficiently, and help you reach your business goals more consistently and without the obvious pitfalls that come with hiring, training, and managing an in-house sales development team.