Oliverlist, your powerful digital sales assistant

Oliverlist analyzes the behavior of each prospect, automatically generate business opportunities and gives you the keys to turn them into customers

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Task Generator

Oliverlist autonomously detects the different actions to be carried out in priority according to the behavior of your prospects
Give a call

Oliverlist detects which prospects to call first based on their level of interest in your solution or product.

Reply to an email

Oliverlist detects which prospects are responding to you manually and for whom a manual response is required

Anti-spam tools

Oliverlist detects prospects that use anti-spam tools and require action on your part to deliver your email.

Advanced Tracking

Knowing who clicked on a link is good, knowing what happened next is better!
Opening Rate

See how many times and when your prospects open each of your emails

Clic Rate

See how many times and when your prospects click on the links in your emails

Your prospect journey in clear

Observe the details of your prospects' journey on your website


Call the right person at the right time. Help your sales people prioritize their actions with Lead Scoring.
Know who to prioritize and why

Oliverlist assigns a score to each opportunity, based on how active the prospects are in relation to what you offer them. This allows you to focus only on high value-added prospects.

Oliverlist is compatible with your tools

Develop yourself the actions of the prospects that Oliverlist must take into account to improve the score.

You don't have the internal resources to make the most of Oliverlist?

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