We provide

B2B Business Meetings & Demos

With your targets, directly in your sales reps calendars

Pay only for performance

Fixed price per meeting

No commitment

No setup fee

How does it work?

We generate business meetings (B2B) for you through highly targeted, personalized and impactful e-mail prospecting campaigns.
You only pay for qualified appointments generated.
1. We define the target of your campaigns

(e.g.: Activity of your prospects, size of the structure, contact person(s))

2. We validate a series of cold emails

( written by our teams from your recommendations )

3. We prospect, for you, new interlocutors

4. Your sales people get new business meetings

We invoice on a performance basis, without commitment, for business meetings that have actually been made

Set up (free) in 15 days

No commitment

Rates 2/3 x lower than the market

Pay only for performance

You only pay if we get results. Nothing more.
No setup fee, no tracking fee

You are only charged a fixed rate per qualified business meeting, set in advance

No results? No invoice

If we do not generate results, you will not be charged.

Anything but a classic agency

A unique technology

Developed since 2015

A database of over 200 million B2B contacts

It allows our experts to focus their work on your daily support

Experts at your service

You are accompanied on a daily basis by experts, led by your account manager, your direct contact at Oliverlist.

Our experts give conferences in :

Do not take any risks

You only pay if we get results.
An appointment is not qualified? Get it out of the bill in 2 clicks

Make sure you only pay for qualified leads by excluding from your billing leads that do not fit your target.

Your prospect doesn't show up for the appointment? We take care of it.

Indicate in 2 clicks that a prospect did not show up for your appointment at the agreed time. Our team will contact him to reschedule your appointment. You will not be billed until the appointment is rescheduled.

Our services are without commitment

1 month services - No commitment

Keep it under control

Follow in real time the actions taken by our team thanks to a unique platform. Consult all the actions that led to an appointment for each of your prospects.
View all appointments made in a few clicks

Access the history of emails, responses, visits to your site in a few clicks.

Follow live our actions and the time spent on the processing of time-consuming tasks

Simply measure the time saved by entrusting us with the tasks related to your prospecting

Retrieve all the contacts added to your campaigns directly from your CRM (or excel file)

Enable this option to send all contacts to your CRM and keep it updated effortlessly

Find all your contacts on your tools thanks to our integrations:

Book a time with our team 👇

Need more information ? Get a personalized demo of the platform with our team

Take no chances and get real results

With our smart, easy-to-integrate campaigns, you can reach a targeted audience with an ultra-personalized message. Plus, Oliverlist improves its prospecting for you over time to get the best possible results for your business.