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As a true virtual sales assistant, Oliverlist helps you find new prospects and convert them into new customers.

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Already more than 15K professionals trust Oliverlist to facilitate their B2B outreach.


Find verified leads

Get verified emails and direct phone access to over 750M contacts


Automate personalized emails

Automate your campaigns or launch a new offer in a few clicks


Close more deals with Oliver

Oliver guides you to identify your next customers

Find verified leads

At Oliverlist, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure everyone is satisfied. Import, enrich and find unlimited verified emails from LinkedIn, Google Maps and many other sources on the Internet.

Access +750M LinkedIn Profiles

Enrich profiles and find verified emails

Access millions of local businesses

Get their contact info ( social profiles, verified emails )

Import your contacts

Import your data without limits

Group 861

Automate personalized emails

Automate your campaigns and quickly obtain many qualified appointments!

Personalize emails at scale

With personalization variables, you can tailor your emails for each recipient, and give every prospects the attention they deserve.

Automate your follow-up

Send automated and personalized follow-ups and get more replies

Get your emails into the main inbox

Oliverlist's algorithm sends emails intelligently, processes bounced emails so they never end up in spam

Close more deals with Oliverlist

A true virtual sales assistant, Oliverlist knows how to get the most out of your outreach campaigns and guides you to increase your sales significantly.

Task Generator

Oliverlist autonomously detects the different actions to be carried out in priority according to the behavior of your prospects

Advanced Tracking

Oliverlist reveals the journey of each of your prospects on your website following a cold email


Oliverlist's scoring algorithm uses hundreds of parameters to detect your prospects' responsiveness

Data analytics

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Why did they choose Oliverlist?


Some details about your free account:


  • It is 100% free and does not commit you to anything!
  • It gives you access to the application and its features in a limited way
  • bonus : we offer you 25 contacts to download or engage in your campaigns


Where to start ?
Simply by creating your Free Account!


And don’t forget:

If you have any question, you can ask us at any time from the chat located at the bottom right of your screen!

Oliverlist integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, SalesLoft, Marketo, Sendgrid, LinkedIn, and all email providers to ensure your workflow is optimized, wherever you live. We also offer access to APIs on our custom plans for more advanced integrations.

For one low price, Oliverlist gives you access to millions of verified contacts who are likely to buy your product or service.

In addition, we provide you with a sequencing platform that allows you to test your emails, automate your follow-up and track which people show the most interest in your offer.

Once your targeting is established and your prospecting campaign is launched, Oliverlist will autonomously generate priority tasks to perform in the “Opportunities” section based on the behavior of each person contacted in the campaign.

Of course! Oliver works with a number of CAC 40 companies and large corporations such as Crédit Agricole or Expedia.

Due to the complex needs of many large enterprises, we suggest you contact us directly via to ensure that you have all the integration, security and governance you need.

An opportunity is the record of a company in which one or more prospects show interest in your offers.

An opportunity is created when a prospect “opens” one of the emails sent automatically by Oliverlist.

Save time

By using Oliverlist, you can say goodbye to a number of time-consuming and annoying tasks:

  • Find new leads
  • Check/update/order your leads
  • Manually send emails to your prospects
  • Manually follow up with your prospects
  • Tracking your prospects’ interest
  • Enter information into your CRM
  • Take care of your domain’s reputation

By delegating these tasks to Oliverlist, you save time and can focus on turning hot leads into customers.

Take care of your domain’s reputation

The traditional method of cold calling is to send a large number of emails to contacts that are not necessarily verified. Moreover, the emails are often sent massively at once.

This directly impacts the reputation of your domain, the deliverability rate is strongly impacted, many of your emails end up in SPAMS.

Nowadays, the major email solution providers know how to recognize an automatic email from a manual one.

At Oliverlist, we take care of your reputation by contacting people whose email is verified. In addition, the sending methods are called “smart”, emails are sent one by one with varying time gaps between two sends, throughout the day. In other words, the sending method is very similar to that of a human, which allows us to guarantee that emails arrive in the main inbox of your prospects.

Take advantage of an effective methodology

A good acquisition strategy is often the right combination of inbound and outbound marketing. However, it’s often easy to say, but not nearly as simple to apply the right methods.

Oliverlist is an outbound marketing tool, i.e. a outreach tool that contacts people who do not know you and who have not necessarily shown any interest in your product before.

Also called cold calling, this method of outreach requires the application of a methodology based on many psychological aspects.

At Oliverlist, the construction of your outreach email is quick and easy. It integrates all the best practices necessary to ensure that the email is received, opened and maximizes the response rate.

As such, Oliverlist itself manages the follow-ups in an intelligent way so that the email is sent at the right time, according to the real interest of the prospect, so as not to disturb him if he is not interested or to incite him to respond if he shows interest.

A campaign is defined by the following elements:

  • Your basic parameters: name of your campaign.
  • Your target: people in the Oliverlist database that you want to contact in a personalized way via the application. Adding contacts to a campaign is done outside the campaign itself. To add contacts to your campaign, go to the “Contacts” tab, make your selection using the filters and add contacts to the campaign of your choice by clicking on the “Add to a campaign” button.
  • Your sending volume: quantity of new contacts that you wish to engage per day in your campaign. In this section of the campaign, you will also be able to choose the days you want to send emails.
  • Your prospecting sequence: messages and reminders that you want to send in an automated way via the application.
  • Your follow-up type: type of follow-up and option you wish to activate in your campaign.

The campaign presents a specific product or offer. It is possible to launch several campaigns simultaneously on Oliverlist. To launch a new campaign, go to the “Campaigns” section or create a new account.

They describe a repeatable number of steps that can be tested to measure which content is best suited to your audience. All your contacts, accounts and activities synchronize directly with your CRM via direct integrations or APIs.

The sequences eliminate the hassle of repetitive and daunting tasks that can be involved in certain jobs: sales/sales development, sales, recruitment, customer success, account management, marketing, and more. Oliverlist will send and record your e-mails for you, schedule calls and provide recordings and transcripts, and help you maximize your success rates by analyzing your results and providing recommendations.

Oliver does everything possible from a technical standpoint to ensure that your emails are routed properly. At the same time, we have developed a best practices guide that users can follow to maximize their chances of not having their prospects flag their emails as spam.

Another suggestion would be to use our hyper-targeted filters in our database to create smaller, more personalized email batches.

You wonder where the contacts that are engaged in your prospecting campaigns come from?


This article tells you more:


Where does the data come from?


The information we hold is the result of continuous research in many publicly available sources on the Internet. Before arriving in our database, this information has been analyzed, categorized and verified. More than 87 interlinked verification and data structuring processes enable us to deliver reliable and up-to-date information.


Are the contacts verified?


Each contact is updated every 15 days or so, which allows us to anticipate as much as possible a change of position or an email that is no longer valid.


What happens if a contact is invalid?


It is possible that an email becomes invalid or that a company closes between two updates. We detect these special cases and you will never be charged for these contacts.


Can contacts be reused over and over again once they have been purchased?


Yes, once unlocked the contacts belong to you, and you can reuse them over and over again in new campaigns. You can also view, download or transfer automatically to your CRM all your contacts in the “Contacts” section.


RGPD compliance?


All the acquisition and contact processes used by Oliver are in compliance with the RGPD. Thus, Oliver respects the following legal obligations: we inform our prospects on the conditions of data processing, we respect the right to object (unsubscribe link) and we ensure that the solicitation is related to the profession of the person canvassed.

Today, we are proud to announce a 95% accuracy rate.

Rest assured, you will only get the highest quality data from us.

With Oliverlist, control your outreach expenses.

User license: to use Oliverlist, you will have to subscribe to a monthly user license with no commitment. The rates vary from 0€ to 149 € per month and per user depending on the features you want on Oliverlist, but especially depending on the number of active campaigns you need simultaneously. Click here to learn more about our rates.

Use of the Oliverlist database: In most of our plans, the use of the database is unlimited.

Questions about costs? Make an appointment with an expert to learn more about Oliverlist! We’ll be happy to help you answer your questions!

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on May 25, 2018. Oliver, as a data producer, is directly concerned.

All acquisition and contact processes used by Oliver are in compliance with the GDPR.

Thus, Oliverlist complies with the following legal obligations:

  • We inform our prospects about the conditions of data processing,
  • We respect the right to object (unsubscribe link)
  • And we make sure that the solicitation is related to the profession of the person contacted.

As users, you are therefore perfectly entitled to use Oliverlist, while being GDPR compliant 😊

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