How does it work?

We generate business meetings & demos for you through highly targeted, personalized and impactful email prospecting campaigns.
You only pay for qualified meetings generated



Definition of the prospects and companies to be addressed in your campaigns based on tangible targeting criteria. (e.g.: Sector of activity of your prospects, size of the company, job titles)

Definition of objectives

Validation of the number of appointments/day to be provided to your sales representatives as well as the feasibility of the project according to the size of the defined targets.

Discovering the Oliverlist platform

Presentation of our follow-up platform, allowing real-time access to the history of exchanges that took place between our team and your prospects before the start of the meeting.


Creation of email accounts

We take care of the purchase of a new domain name and the creation of email accounts on behalf of the sales representatives involved in the project.

Validation of prospecting emails

We validate together a pitch of your offers which will be used in the prospecting campaigns. We write for your campaigns that you can validate before the launch of the campaigns.

Connection to your calendar

We connect our platform to your calendars in order to send new business meetings directly to them.

Launching your campaigns

New meetings are sent to your calendar

You are notified as soon as a new business meeting is sent by Oliverlist. You only focus on sales, no more prospecting

We optimize, in all autonomy, your campaigns

No need to worry about your campaigns, they are managed for you. Your campaigns are optimized daily by our experts

You follow our actions directly on Oliverlist

Follow live our actions and the time spent on the processing of time-consuming tasks. Retrieve all the contacts added to your campaigns directly from your CRM (or excel file)

Take no chances and get real results

With our smart, easy-to-integrate campaigns, you can reach a targeted audience with an ultra-personalized message. Plus, Oliverlist improves its prospecting for you over time to get the best possible results for your business.